Mosaic Stairs and a Grand View

March 13, 2010

The very colorful Mosaic Stairs start at the intersection Moraga Street and 16th Ave and lead up to 15th Ave. Many tile steps lead up to Grand View Park, also known as Turtle Hill. You can see many native plants in this area, and the view from up here is spectacular. You can see most of San Francisco from the Sunset District to Lands End to Downtown. You can see Golden Gate Park in its full size. You can see the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge, you can see the Marin Headlands, and you can see the Sutro Tower which isn’t very far. It’s windy up here all year! This hill is the remnant of an ancient dune and you can still find lots of sand up here. The bedrock on which this dune rests is in many areas exposed due to erosion.

This is a great shooting location! Especially during the late afternoon and around sunset, the light around the mosaic stairs at the foot of the hill and on Turtle Hill itself is fantastic.

Access is easiest via 19th Ave. Turn onto Moraga Street and park near the stairs. See the map here.

Moraga Street and 16th Ave: the Mosaic Stairs start here

163 steps. Fascinating, desu ne?

Along the way you will see native plants, for example California Poppy

Turtle Hill (Grand View Park) above the stairs

More stairs!

And yet more stairs to climb! In the background the Sunset District and the Pacific

The hill is the remnant of an ancient dune


The Sutro Tower

Golden Gate Park is visible in its entire length from up here (but not in the photo)


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